WUSB – life without wires!

We use a lot of USB devices at home, USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB External hard drive…etc  There are many Bluetooth options available for setting up a Personal Area Network at home but i think there should be a much faster option available, Which i think will be served by Wireless USB (WUSB). WUSB is expected to work with 480Mbps within 3 meter and 110Mbps at 10 meters (check out this USB.org page) which will be way better then the Bluetooth with some sacrifice in distance. Also Bluetooth 2.1 operates at 2.4Ghz frequency band which has become noisy with a lot of devices and wifi where as WUSB is expected to operate from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz which is an added advantage (check out the comparison on the wiki page). WUSB is also said to be backward compatible to the old USB standards. Well there are not many WUSB enabled devices easily available in the market but here are some similar devices available like this Wireless USB 2.0 Hub. But have a look at this Docking station from Kensington Wireless USB Docking Station. Image a device like this……  you just bring a WUSB enabled device(smartphone, tablet) in the range of such a docking station and it automatically gets connected with a normal USB connection, no wires to plug in.. high speed… imagine every device we use to be WUSB enabled…. i think WUSB is gonna revolutionize the way we work now with a lot of USB connectors and wires…  Cant wait to see more on WUSB.

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