Deleting the undeletable Folder- Windows 7

Some times there are problems with deleting of unwanted/weird files or folder on Windows 7. I had this problem many a times now. The file does not delete even by using Shift + Delete. You can try to first delete using command prompt close all explorer windows or programs and then try rmdir command on the folder or del command on file. If it still does not delete then there is a two step procedure to delete the undeletable:

Step 1: Find out the short filename of the folder/directory or file by issuing dir /x command on a command prompt. Here is a sample output:

08/12/2010  15:07                 1123~1.JPG 1123.jpg

11/15/2010  09:40    <DIR>          53B4A1~1 53b4a10b1cbb2bce4991bce8

06/16/2009  09:34    <DIR>          ADVENT~1 AdventNet

Filenames shown bold above are the short filenames we need.

Step 2: Once we have the short filename… thats it use that name and issue the rmdir command. like for example rmdir  ADVENT~1 . Thats it this will delete the undeletable folder/file.


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