Some common abbreviations for dummies

Here are some of the abbreviations i think are commonly heard around in the IT industry… i might have missed out some… but i will try to keep on adding some more.

DAS – Direct Attached Storage

SAN- Storage Area Network

NAS – Network Attached Storage

RAID – Redundant Array of Independent Disk

LUN – Logical Unit Number

RAM – Random Access Memory

SDRAM – Synchronous Dynamic RAM

DDR SDRAM – Double Data Rate SDRAM

ROM – Read Only Memory

CD – Compact Disc

CD-ROM – Compact Disc Read Only Memory

VCD – Video Compact Disc

CD-R – Write Once CD

CD-RW – Rewritable CD

DVD – Digital Versatile Disc

HD-DVD – High Definition/Density DVD

DVD-ROM – Read Only DVD

DVD-R/DVD+R – Write Once DVD


BD – Blu-ray Disc

SCSI – Small Computer System Interface

SAS – Serial Attached SCSI

iSCSI – internet SCSI

ATA – Advanced Technology Attachment

SATA – Serial ATA

PATA – Parallel ATA

eSATA – external SATA

USB – Universal Serial Bus

WUSB – Wireless USB

FDD – Floppy Disk Drive

HDD – Hard Disk Drive

SSD – Solid State Drive

LAN – Local Area Network

WLAN – Wireless LAN

VLAN – Virtual Area Network

MAN – Metropolitan Area Network

WAN – Wide Area Network

PAN – Personal Area Network

VPN – Virtual Private Network

IP – Internet Protocol

VoIP – Voice over IP

VPLS – Virtual Private LAN Service

IDE – Integrated Drive Electronics(Hardware) /Integrated Development Environment(Software)

MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures

RPM – Revolutions Per Minute

GSM – Global System for Mobile communication (Groupe Special Mobile)

GPRS – general Packet Radio Service

CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access

HSCSD – High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data

EDGE – Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution

UTMS – Universal Mobile Telecommunication System

EV-DO – Evolution Data Optimized

HSDPA – High-Speed Downlink Packet Access

HSUPA – Hight-Speed Uplink Packet Access

UMB – Ultra Mobile Broadband

LTE – 3GPP Long Term Evolution

ISP – Internet Service Provider

ISDN – Integrated Service Digital Network

ISDL – ISDN Digital Subscriber Line

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line

HDSL – High bit rate DSL

SDSL – Symmetric DSL

MSDSL – Multi-rate Symmetric DSL

ADSL – Asymmetric DSL

VDSL – Very-high-bit rate DSL

PON – Passive Optical Network

BPON – broadband PON

GPON – Gigabit PON

EPON – Ethernet PON


ATM – Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ISA – Industry Standard Architecture

PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnet

AGP – Accelerated Graphics Port

DVI – Digital Visual Interface

HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface

VGA – Video Graphics Array

VLB – VESA Local Bus

VESA – Video Electronics Standard Association


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