Android Linux tablet for $35… puzzled!

Ever imagined a tablet worth $35…  yes stunningly true though designed in India, there comes a tablet said to be running android linux with touch screen which costs roughly from Rs. 1500 to 2200. It is said to be a best suited gadget for students at such a mind blowing low cost. Following are the expected specs:

  • Display: Touch Screen
  • Keyboard: Built in
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Connectivity: Wifi, USB
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Power: 2 watt
  • It has single unit system which has a touch screen.
  • It has a keyboard which is in-built.
  • It is operated by a 2 watt system so that it can even perform in areas where power supply is low.

There is also a Wiki page containing more information:

Check out the Video below:

Shakshat is a amazing gadget at that stunning price!

Further Reading & References: (IN DUTCH)


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