Adobe Flash vs HTML 5… Who is gonna win?

HTML 5 is still under development and is changing and improving, the Browsers are also changing each couple of months trying to adapt to the new HTML 5 API’s, making it more modern, secure and fast. There are already websites developed using these api’s. So what do you really thing HTML 5 can knock out Adobe Flash, most people still say no and there are many websites still using a lot of Flash.


Lets have a look of some mind blowing experiments on the Web. Here are some great examples of what HTML 5 CANVAS can do Well these examples explain a lot dont you think. But what i think is HTML 5 is really going to rock the Web here is how Seen enough? yes… i feel that when HTML 5 is finalized and released, Flash would be no where. Even Adobe seems to be impressed the way HTML 5 is working out and seems to help it with ADOBE EDGE have a look at some examples here

So what do you think HTML 5 ROCKS?


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