iOS 5 is here… Update your iDevice

yeah iOS 5 is now available…  sync up your iPads and iPods and iPhones to the new iOS with 200+ new features.

Steps to Update:

1. Update your Operating System with latest Updates.

2. Update all apple software on your machine.

3. Just Connect your iPad / iPod / iPhone to your updated computer. Thats it! iTunes will automatically backup your device and Restart 2 or 3 times and restore all apps and music and everything else.

Check out all new features on the Apple website.

[UPDATE] Solution to Error “The iPhone could not be restored. An internal error occurred” While Updating iPod/iPhone/iPad to iOS 5.

i tired to update my iPod to the new iOS 5 and i had the above mentioned error…  well the solution to this error is mentioned on the webpage which you will be redirected when you click the “More Information” button of the message box. So i Updated the Operating System using Windows Update and then i updated all Apple Software which updates Safari and iTunes and i tried to update my iPod to iOS 5 and the installation went like a piece of cake!



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