Rise of Virtualization – VPS – Cloud Server

You must have heard it somewhere during conversations or on the internet the term “VIRTUALIZATION”. Virtualization comes out of the concept of time and resource sharing and multi-programming. Imagine a server running a OS and several programs running on that server asking for system resources, these processes wont eatup the resources all the time and there is always some time where the resources are idle. Virtualization tries to share the same hardware resources among several clients. Client i mean in this post as a Server and each one having its own privacy which leads to the acronym VPS – Virtual Private Server which can be interchangeably named as Cloud Server.

What Virtualization solution does is that it creates an illusion that there are many servers running while originally there is only one Physical Server. One such solution is provided by Red Hat http://www.redhat.com/products/virtualization/. There are also others providing solutions one more famous one is vmware.

If you try to google for VPS you will find that there are a lot of companies offering VPS at a very low cost lets say 16 euros http://www.cloudprovider.nl/betalen-naar-verbruik. But it all depends upon your requirements and the task to be performed. Here is another good one https://www.cloudvps.nl/cloudvps.

You must have heard rackspace.com, they mention that they have more than 170 thousand businesses running in their Data Center. It was all possible through Virtualization. Truly Virtualization has changed the way we look at a server now and opened up a possibilities to own your own Server at a very low cost and start up your own business.

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