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SimpleDateFormat showing weird date after formatting – Solution

I recently had problems converting dates into format i want: Problem : For example i was given some data with dates like “12 May 2012” which has a format of dd MMM yyyy and i wanted to change the format … Continue reading

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802.11ac & 802.11ad: Two new Standards for future WiFi or rather “WiGig”

Imagine accessing Wifi with speed like 7 Gbps, it would be a dream wont it!…  but in near future it can be true. And may we would be saying WiGig instead of WiFi. The 2 two new emerging standards are … Continue reading

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[jQuery 1.4] jQuery.animate acting weird with left larger values

I had a requirement recently of using the jQuery.animate method and i was animating the left attribute of a div. Some thing like this. $(“parentdiv”).stop().animate({“left”: (-($(“childdiv”).position().left))} , animSpeed, easeType); it worked fine till some negative values like -10000 and after that it … Continue reading

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