2013: Will we see phones that bend? Wifi with speeds upto 7Gbps?

Phones that will bend :

Samsung’s new phones will have flexible screens

There has been a lot of research going on on the flexible displays and in 2013 we might soon see smartphones which can bend. Companies like Samsung, LG, Nokia are very eager to roll out the bendable smartphones as soon as possible. There has been already some demonstrations by some companies in tech shows.

Check out the link below for more info:






Wifi with speeds of 1.3 Gbps : WiGig

802.11n has revolutionized our home and offices for quite some years and now its time for a wifi with data transfer speeds of Gigabits. 2 new standards 802.11ac and 802.11ad are on the rise which is expected to generate a Wifi with upto 7Gbps and very soon these devices will enter our homes and offices in 2013. Which means faster data transfer without wires. There are some routers are already out.

one by buffalo http://www.buffalotech.com/products/wireless/dual-band-wireless-routers/airstation-ac1300-n900-gigabit-dual-band-wireless-router

and other by Linksys http://home.cisco.com/en-eu/products/routers/EA6500

both implementing Draft 802.11ac.

More info on WiGig:






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