I had written a short post on Apache FTP Server in march and i have hinted about Ftplet in that post. Here is a descriptive example of how to write a Ftplet.

First of all, some basics

What is a Ftplet? Ftplet is like a servlet and is used to capture / intercept or handle various Apache FtpServer notification.

What is the Use? Imagine you need to show on a webpage all logged in Users to a FTPServer. You need to have some program to catch the Logon event of a FTPserver. In case of Apache FtpServer we have Ftplet which does that thing for us.

What library files are required? you just need a IDE(i prefer Netbeans) to program and ftplet-api jar file which you can find in the ftpserver downloaded folder, in the commons/lib folder.

How to Write a Ftplet? There are 2 ways to do that, one by…

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