5 points on making a website wanting to visit

Following are some of the points which i think makes a website visit more than one time.

1. Keep your home page updated: It is very important that you stay with the recent developments in your industry. Latest content on your front view shows that you are following the latest trends in your field. Many websites put tweets on their home page to show updated content every minute or second. Example being if you visit uefa.com during a uefa champions league or europa league match you see updates on the home page without even have to refresh. It also shows that you are eager to keep up with the moving world!

2. Make it look rich with rich content: use perfect color combinations make it look nice, i am not so good with colors but making it look richer means choosing correct colors and using latest technologies to show which others cannot. Use latest technology to impress with some shadows, curls, overlays.. etc.

3. Faster is better than richer: Yes make it rich but bear in mind the speed of your page, longer wait times are annoying too. Too many images make loading slower, minimize your javascript because white-spaces also takes bandwidth. Using of CDN to load javascript also enhances speed. There are various tools provided by google and yahoo to evaluate your page load speed. Lesser javascript, lesser images leads to faster loading. The point here is “Every one likes to get work done quicker and get back home!”.

4. Easy to use & no long waits: Keep it simple dont complicate. Complications lead to waste of time thinking. Use global or standard ways of location to elements. Like for example most of the websites use top right corner as the location to sign in like facebook.com or uefa.com or any other website uses. It is not a rule but we all are used to look at that location to sign-in or register.

5. Not many steps: simple rule – dont annoy the user with a lot of pages to fillup, “Next>>” and then “Next>>” to hit the ultimate “Finish” button. I myself dont like it too. Not many mandatory fields, many mandatory fields mean more filling up of fields just to make a contact with your company, many people give up!.


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