Feature Increment operator on Notepad : Notepad++

I had mentioned in very short in past about Notepad++ here and hinted some about macros in Notepad++. Following is short desc about plugins in Notepad++.

NotepadplusplusAs you see above Notepad++ has tons of plugins to make a programmers life easy. Well I needed to view and format a JSON. Now it is simple to view and understand a JSON if it is very small but the huge ones require some viewer like above. So here is what I did just looked for a JSON viewer in the Plugin Manager, installed it to Notepad++(needs a notepad++ restart after that), then just paste the json in the notepad++ and hit the menu Plugins -> JSON viewer -> Show JSON viewer and there it was!. JSON the way i wanted to see it.

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  1. Dominic says:

    “JSTool” to format cluttered Javascript code

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