[Imagemagick on RHEL 6 x86_64] troubleshoot small deligate issues during installation

ImageMagick is a fantastic command line utility to create/play around with all different supported Image file formats. Being such a nice utility requires some workout to get it working on RHEL 6 (x86_64) and other unix systems. ImageMagick has quite some binary releases also for RHEL 5.8, RHEL 6 does not have a binary release yet. Also the rpms for some unix systems still gives a lot of dependency resolution problems during rpm installation. It is quite some work.

So i went about installing ImageMagick from source on RHEL 6. From the link here it seems to be quite simple right configure-make-make install, But when i tried to use the command line utility like convert with a jpeg or png file format. it gives a lot of deligate not found errors.

like for example if you try to run the test command:

/usr/bin/convert logo: logo.jpg

it gives numerous errors like following for each file format :

convert: no decode delegate for this image format `logo.jpg' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/544.

Most of the times these errors are there due to libxxxx not installed on the system for example for PNG file format libpng is not installed. One can install this by just typing following command:

yum install libpng libpng-devel

And rebuild imagemagick again. With RHEL 6 it installs all all turbo libraries like libpng-turbo… etc. After the rebuild the test command(/usr/local/bin/convert logo: logo.png) for PNG works.

But in my case i still had the problem running the test command for JPEG, it gave me the following error event after installing libjpeg-turbo and libjpeg-turbo-devel:

undefined reference to `jpeg_default_qtables’

ImageMagick has a lot of deligates which can be downloaded here and installed, so i downloaded and installed “jpegsrc.v9a.tar.gz” but still the error came again and again. After googling some i finally found a chinese blog website http://blog.csdn.net/zwfcan/article/details/16963375 which mentioned a installation with specifying a path. Following are the steps to install JPEG deligate from that blog

  1. tar -xzvf jpegsrc.v9.tar.gz
  2. cd jpeg-9
  3. ./configure
  4. make libdir=/usr/lib64
  5. make libdir=/usr/lib64 install

So i did the steps above and then rebuild the ImageMagick again and Voila! it works.

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2 Responses to [Imagemagick on RHEL 6 x86_64] troubleshoot small deligate issues during installation

  1. Kaya says:

    Really Thanks! it works with jpegsrc.v9a.tar.gz also!

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