Quick Virus/Malware Removal HowTo


Its been a long time since a post, i thought I’d just add a simple one from my past experiences. In some distant past some of my friends use to approach me for help to get rid of some nasty viruses/malwares on their laptops/desktops. In some case the virus/malware was installed automatically while browsing a website, installed malware/virus software was a antivirus software and the antivirus screen would pop up again and again claiming there is a virus on the machine and there needs to be a payment made to remove it. Another case i remember was that there were some strange files getting created automatically in each folder and it would keep on creating the files till the disk space is full.

Best solution to this Virus/Malware problem is Format and Reinstall and make your self a new fresh machine. But there are cases where you need NOT do that.

Following are some basic steps to get rid of some simple viruses installed automatically on your Windows machine.

>> First thing you want to do is disconnect your laptop from internet. Put off your WiFi, remove the LAN cable. Just isolate the machine from internet.

>> Then try to find the process which is running in the background or foreground using Task Manager. OR you can use Process Explorer (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer). Process Explorer has a drag utility which you can drag onto a window and it shows you the corresponding process.Try to look for some suspicious process names and check if its genuine process by google for the process name.

>> When you have found the malicious process. Kill that process. Remove the process from StartUp programs in Process Explorer. Some processes do not get killed unless you first kill explorer.exe.

>> After killing the process. Find the path where the Program got installed, generally in C:/Progam Files, delete the malware program folder, if it does not delete force delete it.

> Many viruses dont stop even after killing, they reappear again and again. Boot your Windows machine in Safe Mode without Networking and then do the above steps, it should work. Safe Mode can be reached on most machine by pressing F8 on your machine Bootup.

After having a clean machine, Please consider installing a good Antivirus (Not a free one) for all your devices. I have had cases where the machine had Avast or AVG free version and still there was some malware/virus installed automatically. I feel money spent on antivirus software does pay off in most of the cases. Unless you are unlucky to get attacked before antivirus companies reach to it.


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