More in IoT – AllJoyn and Z Wave




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HTTP/2.0 is here – Push, Streams, Multiplexing, header compression… and more

I am a bit late on this post but its still May which marks the beginning of a faster web protocol. Chrome and Firefox already are capable for HTTP/2. Also while we wait for Servlet 4.0 to have HTTP/2, Jetty has already done quite some work on it. Apache HttpClient is also still awaited to use the new protocol. Following is how the protocol has evolved as derived from Akamai website.


Well it seems that the combination of HTTP/2 + HTML 5 is going to make a huge difference the way the pages load in our browsers now. Cant wait to see it all happen!!

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I/O 2015


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Skype Translator preview app – real time audio language translator

Its free as of now the “Skype Translator preview app”, i think its worth a try with a friend that does not know your language.

skype translator app

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Cross Platform Native Android / iOS Apps using Javascript


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Ok so it was Google Glass and upcoming … Microsoft HoloLens

Lately i heard a rumor that Google Glass is about to shutdown its further sales. But looking at the homepage of Microsoft HoloLens i get the idea. “Holographic computing” is the new word, but the way its shown in the video looks very interesting, we always wanted to visualize things rather having them confined inside the LCD screens of our laptops/desktops.


Looks quite bulky than Glass isnt it!, but things we could see with it as shown below is very amazing and interesting.


Looks like a movie still from a sci-fi movie right!.

Cant wait to see what this all could bring to the future.

Further Info:

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Meet Firefox Hello – Real Time Communication using a browser

WebRTC is a open source project aimed at video/audio communication using normal browser and mobile apps. Check it out on its home page for more info : Mozilla Hello is just a outcome of project WebRTC.


Check it out here:

Hello requires Firefox version 35.

Following are the steps to get Hello:

Further Reading:

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