PUSH, By Fr. Royan

A Young man had a dream one night , in the dream the Lord appeared to him and said young man you have been very devout and I have a little task for you, just outside your cabin there is a huge Boulder i want you to push that Boulder. Being an obedient young man, he woke up that morning and rightly so, outside his cabin there was a huge boulder. So he began to push the boulder. From day till evening, in the hot sun, in cold winter, for days and weeks and months he began to push, and push. But the boulder never moved an inch, but he still continued. When things don’t happen the way you want, what happens?, you get disappointed, despair and hopelessness creeps in. These are the seeds sown by the evil one, these are moments of temptation. And rightly so the evil one came to this man and said young man you are wasting your time, you have been pushing this boulder from days, from weeks and months in the hot sun and cold weather and in rainy days, but the boulder hasn’t moved an inch, you must be crazy to follow this gods order, forget about it, go about doing what you do the best. But the young man was devout and said I will take it up to the Lord. So that night he said “Lord I want to talk to you”, alright what is it son, “God I have been pushing this boulder from morning till evening, from days, weeks and months in hot sun and cold weather but the boulder hasn’t moved a inch, I think I have been wasting my time, you asked me to push the boulder but why hasn’t the boulder moved an inch”. God looked at him and said, “I asked you to push the boulder not move the boulder, pushing the boulder is your job, moving the boulder is mine”. Sometimes we like to play god. Let God be God. All that God expects from all of us is to push and let the lord do the rest. Keep pushing no matter what. And God said to this young man “You said that nothing happened, look at yourself, look at your arms how strong they are, look at your biceps, look at your back how strong they have become, so don’t tell me nothing has happened. Keep pushing no matter what. Your job is to push, gods job is to move the boulder”. PUSH is the acronym for Pray Until Something Happens. So Keep praying until something happens and don’t give into despair and hopelessness, remember those are the seeds sown by the evil one.

16/01/2019 – St Micheals Church, Mahim

Once two friends(Blake and Jake) were walking together. On their way they were talking about something and it lead to a heated conversation and it turned into quarrel and Blake slapped Jake and he fell down on the ground. He sat there crying and wrote in the mud “My Best Friend Slapped Me”. Then after sometime things became fine between them and they continued on the journey. After walking quite a distance they both felt thirsty, they searched around and found a well. While Jake was drawing water out, he slipped and fell into the well. Seeing this Blake also jumped into the well and dragged him out from the well. Both were exhausted and sat besides the well. Jake wrote on a rock “My Best Friend Saved My Life”. Blake asked Jake as to why he wrote one line in the mud, while the other on a rock. He said that bad or negative things should be written in the mud so that it can be wiped away by love and happiness, where as good or positive things should be written on a rock so that those should be remembered forever.

08/04/2015 – St Micheals Church, Mahim

Once a teacher gave an assignment to her students, she told every student to bring tomatoes with name of the people whom they hate the most written on it. One tomato for each person. So next day the students brought the bag of tomatoes, some brought 1 tomato some 5, some even 10 of them. The teacher told the students to carry that bag with them where ever they go for 10 days. So the students started carrying the bag with tomatoes along. First couple of days went fine but after few days the student started complaining and told the teacher that the tomatoes are starting to rot and even started to smell and we cannot carry them anymore. The teacher said “imagine what happens to your heart when you carry the same hate in your heart”.

03/04/2015 – Immaculate Conception Church, IC Colony, Borivali

Once upon a time on a street of London there was a small boy playing with 3 birds in the cage and there happened to be a priest going by. The priest asked the boy What are you going to do with them?. The boy said I am going to make them all fight each other. The priest said Then what will you do?. The boy again said When they are dead fighting among themselves i will feed it to my cat, My cat loves these little birds. Then the priest said How much will you take for these birds?. The boy said What will you do with these birds, they are ugly looking and of no use, what will you do with them?. The priest again said How much?. The boy said 10 pounds. The priest took 10 pounds from the pocket and gave it to the boy. The priest took the cage with birds and went a distance and freed them.

25/03/2015 – St Micheals Church, Mahim

There was a big apple tree and there was a little child who use to visit the tree everyday play under the apple tree. When he was hungry he use to eat a apple and sleep under its shade. Apple tree was happy. One fine day the child did not show up, 2 days passed by. After three the child returns and looked sad, so the apple tree asked where were you? why are you sad. The child replied i am getting bored playing with you, i need some toys to play with. But i do not have money to buy. The apple tree said to the child you do one thing get on my branches and pluck some apples and sell them and from the money that you get, you can buy yourself some toys. so the child climbs the tree and gathers some apples and sells them and from the money buys toys. After this the child was gone for months and years. Apple tree was sad!. One fine day the same boy returns to the apple after years and again seemed to be sad. So the apple tree again asked, why are you so sad? he said i have married but i have no house to stay. So the apple tree said you can cut of my branches and build you self a home. The boy climbed up the tree cut off its branches and made himself a home. Again the boy was gone for a long time. Again after years the boy returns and again seemed to be sad. Apple tree asked why are you sad? he said i have a nice hughe pond in front of my house and would like to go to the other side of it but i dont have the boat. Apple tree said boy you do one thing cut off my Trunk and make a nice boat out of it and then you can go to the other side. So the boy cut off the trunk and made himself a boat. Again the boy was gone for years and one fine day returns after the long time. Looking at the boy the apple tree said why are you sad now? Look i have nothing to give you all that is left are the useless roots. To this the boy said “I want to rest peacefully under your roots”


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