Increase your iPad, iPhone, iPod storage space… Wi-Drive

Do you feel there is not enough space on your iPod or iPad or iPhone, then this might be a good option for expansion. Kingston is about to launch a Wifi portable storage called “Wi-Drive” which can be used as a expansion storage for your Apple devices. Wi-Drive will come in two sizes of 16GB and 32GB and can be shared with 3 devices wirelessely. This device is said to be working with all latest Apple devices.

Here is how it works:

1. Connect your device to Windows (7, Vista, XP) or Mac (10.5) or Linux (2.6) using the USB cable.

2. Transfer required files.

3. Put the Wi-Drive ON.

4. Go to your Apple Device install the free Wi-Drive app.

5. Now go to the Settings Page on your Apple Device and select the Wi-Fi and then Select the Wi-Drive.

6. Now you can see all the files using the Wi-Drive app.

Check the full details on the kingstons website:

Amazing device but the only disadvantage that i see in this device is the battery life… it is just 4 hours which i feel is quite less.


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